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Stream these 15 new movies this holiday season, from 'Candy Cane Lane' to 'Rebel Moon'

There are plenty of reasons to get thee to a theater this holiday movie season, but film lovers need stuff to watch at home, too, for when folks are cooking the Thanksgiving turkey, trimming the tree, or just snuggling around the fire.

Streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Paramount+, Disney+ and more are putting on their Santa hats in November and December to offer a host of original viewing treats. Some of them are of the yuletide sort, while others are more family-friendly or even Oscar-ready.

Here's an exclusive peek at 15 peppermint-fresh films to stream from your couch for the holidays:

'Dashing Through the Snow' (Nov. 17)

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges (right) stars as a holiday-hating social worker who meets a mysterious man in a red suit named Nick (Lil Rel Howery) and thinks he might be delusional in the Disney+ comedy "Dashing Through the Snow."

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges plays a social worker who tolerates his daughter's love for Christmas – he's not a fan. But when a guy in a red suit named Nick (Lil Rel Howery) falls down his chimney, dad and kid get embroiled in a chase with bad guys out to nab Nick's "naughty-or-nice" list in the yuletide comedy.

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'Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story' (Nov. 17)

The documentary "Maxine's Baby: The Tyler Perry Story" chronicles Perr's road to success in the entertainment industry, his mother's love and the healing of a childhood trauma.

The documentary chronicles the rise of Perry as a successful entrepreneur and filmmaker, discussing how he was able to use the pain of abuse and childhood trauma to inspire his art, as well as the importance of his beloved mother, who died in 2009.

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'Leo' (Nov. 21)

Leo (voiced by Adam Sandler, right) is tired of being a class pet alongside Squirtle the Turtle and plans his escape in the Netflix coming-of-age animated musical comedy "Leo."

Leo (voiced by Adam Sandler) is the pet lizard of a fifth grade class who feels like he's wasted his life. When he learns he's only expected to live one another year, Leo plans an escape to see the world − instead, he winds up being a wise presence for the kids who bring him home in the coming-of-age musical animated comedy.

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'Genie' (Nov. 22)

Bernard (Paapa Essiedu) gets a chance to fix his life when he unleashes a genie (Melissa McCarthy) in the holiday fairy-tale comedy "Genie."

In this holiday fairy-tale comedy, Bernard Bottle (Paapa Essiedu) is down in the dumps professionally and personally when he unleashes a genie (Melissa McCarthy) trapped in an antique jewelry box for 2,000 years. He's given unlimited wishes – and a chance to fix his family – while she gets to experience a whole new world.

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'American Symphony' (Nov. 29)

Band leader/composer Jon Batiste is seen marrying his beloved Suleika Jaouad in the Netflix documentary "American Symphony."

Oscar buzz abounds for this insightful and emotionally stirring portrait of late-night band leader/composer Jon Batiste. The documentary finds him winning a raft of Grammy Awards and working on a classical music piece that redefines the symphony at the same time he faces a personal crisis when his wife's dormant cancer returns.

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'Family Switch' (Nov. 30)

Ed Helms and Jennifer Garner play the dad and mom of a family that weathers a full-on body swap after an encounter with an astrological reader in the comedy "Family Switch."

The holiday-themed comedy stars Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms as the mom and dad of a disconnected family. A run-in with an astrological reader leads to a body-swap situation for the family, and they have only 24 hours to figure out how to fix it – and help get each other through an important day – or else be switched forever.

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'Candy Cane Lane' (Dec. 1)

Eddie Murphy (with Madison Thomas, Genneya Walton and Tracee Ellis Ross) plays a determined man who makes a deal with a mischievous elf to help win his neighborhood's Christmas decorating contest in the comedy "Candy Cane Lane."

Eddie Murphy stars in the holiday comedy as a dad determined to win his neighborhood's decorating contest. To help his chances, he strikes a deal with a troublesome elf (Jillian Bell), who in turn casts a magical spell that makes the 12 days of Christmas come to sinister life and threatens to wreck everyone's season.

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'The Archies' (Dec. 7)

Archie Comics favorites Reggie (Vedang Raina, far left), Betty (Khushi Kapoor), Jughead (Mihir Ahuja), Veronica (Suhana Khan), Dilton (Yuvraj Menda), Ethel (Aditi Saigal) and Archie (Agastya Nanda) get an Indian makeover in the Hindi-language teen comedy "The Archies."

Suffering from "Riverdale" withdrawal? The iconic characters of Archie Comics – Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and more – again navigate romances and friendships, this time imagined through the lens of a 1960s Anglo-Indian community, in the coming-of-age teen musical comedy.

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'Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever' (Dec. 8)

The Heffley family – little Manny (voiced by Gracen Newton, far left), dad Frank (Chris Diamantopoulos), mom Susan (Erica Cerra), and brothers Greg (Wesley Kimmel) and Rodrick (Hunter Dillon) – gather round the tree in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever."

In the latest animated "Wimpy Kid" adventure based on the popular Jeff Kinney books, hard-luck middle schooler Greg Heffley frets that an accident involving a snowplow will ruin his dreams of getting a new video-game console for Christmas, though a bigger problem arises when he gets snowed in with his family.

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'Leave the World Behind' (Dec. 8)

Ethan Hawke and Julia Roberts star as New York City parents whose family weekend away turns apocalyptic in "Leave the World Behind."

The apocalyptic thriller stars Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke as married New Yorkers who rent a swank house on Long Island for a needed family getaway. Then things go awry, including the enigmatic owner (Mahershala Ali) weirdly showing up suddenly, the Internet going out everywhere and hints that there's a national emergency at hand.

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'The Sacrifice Game' (Dec. 8)

Laurent Pitre (far left), Mena Massoud and Olivia Scott Welch star as cult killers who terrorize students at a boarding school at Christmas in the 1970s-set holiday horror movie "The Sacrifice Game."

It's a horror take on "The Holdovers": The 1970s-set holiday-tinged chiller features "Aladdin" star Mena Massoud and Olivia Scott Welch as deadly cult killers who arrive on the doorstep of a boarding school and menace a group of students stuck there for winter break.

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'Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget' (Dec. 15)

The stop-motion animated sequel "Chicken Run: Dawn of The Nugget" centers on a new threat for the fine feathered characters who, alongside some rodent friends, need to save chicken-kind.

The fine feathered characters who escaped the farm in the original 2000 stop-motion animated comedy are back. This time, they leave their idyllic bird sanctuary, pull a Tom Cruise and orchestrate a break-in to save chicken-kind.

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'The Family Plan' (Dec. 15)

Decades after retiring from being an elite government assassin, a dad (Mark Wahlberg) takes his family on an impromptu cross-country road trip to Las Vegas when old enemies arise in the action comedy "The Family Plan."

The action comedy casts Mark Wahlberg as a former covert assassin now retired and setting aside that secret-agent life to be a loving dad. When old enemies track him down, he scrambles to keep his wife (Michelle Monaghan) and kids safe, taking them on a cross-country road trip to Las Vegas.

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'Finestkind' (Dec. 15)

Jenna Ortega (left, with Ismael Cruz Cordova and Toby Wallace) stars as a young woman caught in the middle of a dangerous deal between two reunited brothers and a Boston criminal gang in the thriller "Finestkind."

There's plenty of family strife in Brian Helgeland's crime thriller, starring Ben Foster and Toby Wallace as half-brothers who strike a deal with a Boston gang to get their father's fishing boat out of impound. Tommy Lee Jones is the dad while Jenna Ortega plays a young woman caught in the middle of the bros' scheme.

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'Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire' (Dec. 22)

Alfonso Herrera (left), Ed Skrein and Corey Stoll star in Zack Snyder's Netflix sci-fi fantasy epic "Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire."

Zack Snyder stages his own "Star Wars" with the beginning of his two-part sci-fi fantasy epic. (The second movie streams on April 19.) Kora (Sofia Boutella) crash-lands on a moon to live among farmers and escape her war-torn past, and she gathers a disparate crew of warriors to revolt against the army of the villainous Motherworld.

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