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Ramy Youssef wants God to free Palestine and 'all the hostages' in 'SNL' monologue

Ramy Youssef hosted "SNL" on March 30 and sent a message about the Israel-Hamas war in his monologue.

Ramy Youssef used his "Saturday Night Live" monologue to make a statement about the Israel-Hamas war.

The "Ramy" star, 33, hosted "SNL" for the first time and concluded his monologue on a serious note. The comedian shared an anecdote about two friends asking for prayers, one because he's in court fighting with his ex over their dog and another because his entire family is in Gaza. Youssef described praying for God to "stop the violence" and "free the people of Palestine," adding, "Please free the hostages. All the hostages. Please."

Youssef's statement received cheers from the "SNL" studio audience. But he ended with the punchline that he also threw in another, less important request to God: "And while you're at it, free Mr. Bojangles. He's a beautiful dog. I'm praying for that dog."

Earlier in March, Youssef was one of the stars who wore a red pin at the Oscars calling for a ceasefire in Gaza amid the war, which has been ongoing following Hamas' surprise attack in Israel on Oct. 7.

"We're calling for an immediate, permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We're calling for peace and justice – lasting justice – for the people of Palestine," he told Variety on the awards show's red carpet. "And I think it's a universal message of just: Let's stop killing kids. ."

Oscars red carpet:Ramy Youssef, Billie Eilish wear red pins for Israel-Gaza ceasefire

The rest of the "Poor Things" star's "SNL" monologue included quips about the 2024 presidential election, with the comedian joking that President Joe Biden has an "awareness issue." He also declared that the next president of the United States should be a woman, specifically a trans woman who could promise voters real change by pointing to her personal experience.

"She puts up a before and after, and she's like, 'I can do that to the country,' " he joked. "It's just an idea."

'SNL' cold open mocks Donald Trump for selling Bibles with Lee Greenwood

In an Easter-themed opening, "SNL" also mocked former President Trump for selling custom Bibles, dubbed the "God Bless the ˽ýӳ Bible," for $59.99. The sketch began with a re-enactment of Jesus' resurrection before James Austin Johnson's Trump exited his tomb instead.

What is the 'God Bless the ˽ýӳ Bible'?The $60 Bible Trump and Lee Greenwood are selling

"That's right, it's Easter," Johnson's Trump declared. "The time of year when I compare myself to Jesus Christ. That's just a thing I do now, and people seem to be OK with it. I'm going to keep doing it."

After joking about how "weird" it would be if he started selling Bibles, the "SNL" Trump then announced he is, in fact, selling Bibles for the "high, high price" of $60. "But I'm not doing this for the money," he said. "I'm doing this for the glory of God, and for pandering, and mostly for money."

Johnson's Trump even threw in a reference to DzԳ́' new album "Cowboy Carter," released Friday. While riffing on various religious topics, he declared that God is to the holy trinity as Beyoncé is to Destiny's Child.

"God's the Beyoncé, Jesus is the Kelly Rowland, and Holy Ghost would probably be the Black Michelle Williams, who's very important to a great number of people," he said. "Almost as important as the white Michelle Williams is to white people. And we believe there was a fourth Destiny's Child, but we'll be looking into that very strongly."

"Cowboy Carter" made such big waves that Youssef also started his monologue with a reference to the album.

"This is an incredibly spiritual weekend," he said. "We're in the holy month of Ramadan, tomorrow is Easter and yesterday, Beyoncé released a new album. So many religions celebrating all at once."

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