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Solar eclipses

What is the path of totality for the total solar eclipse? Follow as it crosses the US.

Animated video shows the 115-mile-wide total eclipse path that will be visible to about 32 million people in the United States.

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A total solar eclipse will pass through the U.S. on the afternoon of April 8.

Before entering the U.S., the eclipse's path of totality will travel over a portion of northern Mexico. It will pass into Texas around 1:30 p.m. local time. It will then cover portions of the Midwest and East Coast and touch southeast Canada before it moves out to sea, according to .

Several major cities will be in its direct line of darkness, including Dallas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis; Cleveland; Buffalo, New York; and Burlington Vermont. This animated map shows the path and local time the total eclipse will pass across the nation.

Follow the eclipse's path of totality over the U.S.

List of major cities in the solar eclipse's path of totality

The 115-mile-wide line of totality, which will move from Mazatlán, Mexico to Newfoundland, is home to an estimated 44 million people, and of those, about 32 million are in the United States.

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