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The quick, no-fail guide for how to fold fitted sheets (with video)

If you’ve gone your entire life not knowing how to properly fold a fitted sheet, you’re not alone. Throwing a sheet straight from the dryer into a heap in the closet is many people's go-to method of storage. Thanks to their size, shape and tricky elastic bands, folding a fitted sheet into a nice flat package that fits neatly on a shelf in the linen closet isn’t exactly intuitive. But it may surprise you to know that there is actually a way to properly fold a fitted sheet. What's more, armed with the right tricks and a little practice, you can fold a fitted sheet like a pro in a flash. And as a bonus for your efforts, you'll find a properly folded fitted sheet takes up less space on the shelf and keeps excessive wrinkles at bay. Here's how to fold a fitted sheet easily using a few simple tricks.

Watch the video above to learnhow to fold a fitted sheet easily.

How to fold a fitted sheet easily

  • Lay the sheet out on a large flat surface, such as a countertop or the mattress. Make sure that the sheet is facing right side out.
  • Position the shorter edges on the left and right, essentially making a messy rectangle. The elastic bands of the sheet should be facing down.
  • Place one of your hands in the left corner of the sheet.
  • Insert that left corner into the adjacent corner. The elastic bands of the sheet should now be encircling your hand.
  • Repeat on the opposite end of the sheet.
  • Lay the sheet out as flat as possible.
  • Place one hand inside each corner pocket of the sheet and bring your hands together. The elastic bands should now be facing each other.
  • Fold one side over the other, so that the elastic edges are aligned.
  • Gently shake the sheet out to untangle the fabric.
  • Lay the sheet out flat again.
  • Fold the sheet in thirds lengthwise.
  • Rotate the sheet 90 degrees.
  • Fold the sheet in thirds widthwise.

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