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A Minnesota woman came home to 133 Target packages sent to her by mistake

For many, returning home from a short getaway to find Target packages at their doorstep is a joyous occasion. But for one Minnesota woman, the Target packages left for her were repeatedly sent by mistake.

Kelly Witter told that for the past year she's dealt with random Target packages, but in the past week, 140 packages from the large retailer arrived at her doorstep within the span of four days.

"Do I have box rage?" Witter told . "I do now."

Witter told WCCO that when she first began receiving the mistaken packages, she reached out to Target to resolve the mix up.

“It was one to two boxes per month, and we called, and they said, ‘Oops, sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll fix this,’ but it kept happening,” Witter said.

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Witter only purchased a single pair of glasses

Witter said she had purchased a single pair of glasses through ICU Eyewear, a vendor that sells through Target's website. Despite only placing one order, she began receiving glasses meant for other people across the country, that she did not pay for.

Witter said it moved from one to two boxes per month to three to four boxes a month. When she stopped getting packages for a few months this fall, Witter told the TV station she assumed the problem must have finally been resolved, but it came back and bigger than ever.

Over a 100 packages delivered at once

Witter told KARE11 that she came home Monday from a weekend getaway to find 133 Target packages waiting for her.

"When you come home to find 133 boxes stacked up in your hallway, it's a little overwhelming," she said. "It's a nuisance."

But while 133 free Target packages may seem like a dream for some, they're driving Witter crazy.

"I just don't have time for this. I've already broken down 133 boxes and brought them down to recycling," she said. "When I came up from the recycling room, there were ten more boxes stacked up. I said, 'If any more show up, I'm going to go berserk.'"

She received three more the following day. All in all, she said the items in the packages had a value of approximately $3,000.

Target: We're donating mistakenly shipped glasses to charity

In a statement to WCCO Target said they're working to figure out why there's been a mix up.

“These products were shipped in error from a Target vendor, and we’ve worked with that vendor to stop the shipments immediately, and to understand how this mistake occurred in the first place. We’ve made arrangements for all of the mistaken packages to be picked up from Ms. Witter’s home promptly, and we’ve offered her a gift card for the inconvenience. We’re also donating all of the mistakenly shipped glasses to charity. We appreciate this matter being brought to our attention and offer our sincere apologies to Ms. Witter," the statement said.

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