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Transgender Day of Visibility: The day explained, what it means for the trans community

, or Trans Visibility Day, is a day to celebrate trans, non-binary and gender-expansive individuals in America and around the world. President Joe Biden issued a in recognition of the day for 2024 in the United States.

"Trans Day of Visibility is all about transjoy," said Tori Cooper, the director of community engagement for the trans justice initiative at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, HRC.

Cooper, who is a Black trans woman, says that even in "the worst political climates," individuals and organizations are working to make sure trans joy continues to spread.

International Transgender Day of Visibility celebration.

When is Transgender Day of Visibility?

In 2024, the holiday falls on Sunday March 31st, the same day as Easter.

What is Transgender Day of Visibility?

According to , people observe "Transgender Day of Visibility to raise awareness about transgender people."

It was created by Rachel Crandel, a transgender advocate and the executive director and co-founder of Transgender Michigan, in 2010 because of the "overwhelming" amount of media stories involving violence against transgender people.

"She hoped to create a day where people could celebrate the lives of transgender people, while still acknowledging that due to discrimination, not every trans person can or wants to be visible," states GLAAD's website.

Transgender Day Of Visibility:I'm a trans man. We don't have a secret agenda – we're just asking you to let us live.

Transgender Day of Visibility: How to be an ally

Cooper says there are a lot of things people who are cisgender, meaning they identity as the gender they were assigned at birth, can do to support the trans and nonbinary community.

"Number one is make sure that you're utilizing the power of the vote to vote for people and politicians who support trans people and the parents of trans kids," says Cooper.

Next, Cooper recommends people talk freely and without judgement to the trans folks in their communities, whether they know them or not.

Finally, she recommends people educate themselves on who trans people are and what they're not.

"The biggest danger is obviously the fact that people who are not trans themselves, who admittedly have no interaction with trans people, have no formal knowledge or even elementary knowledge on trans people, our lives and our healthcare, are creating these policies that are actually dangerous for trans and gender expansive people," said Cooper.

Transgender Day of Visibility: How to financially support the trans community

, a.k.a. the Trans Handy Ma'am, and are teaming up with other trans influencers to raise $4 million during through an organization called .

In 2023, the influencers raised over $2 million to support trans healthcare.

Cooper says that while it's a great start to give attention to national influencers, organizations and fund raisers, local advocates are usually know what their community needs best.

"They're often people who are in yourlocalcommunities, who are doing amazing things that aren't getting the national attention," said Cooper. "Those are the people that really need your support because they understand what the political climate is in your area."

She encourages folks to research local trans-serving and trans-run organizations, specifically those who serve BIPOC communities, Black, Indigenous people of color, and use them as role models.

"Many of them are pillars in the community who are doing the hard work each and every day without getting their national exposure," she says.

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