Pittsburgh Steelers

Najee Harris 'tired' of Steelers' poor performances in 2023 season after loss to Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers' luck ran out on Sunday as they lost to AFC North foe the Cleveland Browns, .

Mike Tomlin's team won six games so far this season despite being outproduced offensively in every matchup this year.

Against the Browns, Pittsburgh's offense had 10 yards fewer than Cleveland — 259 to 249. Quarterback Kenny Pickett threw for 106 yards in his fourth straight game with less than 200 passing yards. He has thrown for one touchdown in that span.

Speaking with the media after the game, running back Najee Harris hinted that the Steelers' problems run deeper than they appear and expressed frustration at the team's performance. He finished the day with 12 carries for 35 yards.

"There's just a lot of stuff that just goes around that's just, it's just, that you guys don't see," he said in . "... I'm just at a point man, where I'm just tired of this (expletive)."

NFL STATS CENTRAL: in the . But the record doesn't tell the entire story, according to the Pro Bowl rusher.

"You can look at the record and say, ok, we're still good right now, or you could look at the record and be like, if we keep playing this type of football, how long is that (expletive) gonna last," he . "I look at it like how long is the (expletive) gonna last. You all can look at it like it's a good record, but it's the NFL. Winning like how we did is not gonna get us nowhere."

Harris was also asked if the Steelers have a team-first attitude. He was hesitant to say yes.

"I'd rather not talk about the team," . "I'd rather just talk about me, my performance."

The Steelers' last loss was in Week 8 when they fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars, . Despite the Steelers having 261 yards to the Jaguars' 377 and backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky throwing two interceptions, wide receiver Diontae Johnson blamed the referees for penalties that "cost us the game."

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