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Do not pack the camo! Here's why you shouldn't bring camouflage clothing on a cruise.

If you’re packing for a cruise, you may want to bring a swimsuit for pools on board or some dressier attire for formal nights. But passengers should consider leaving their camouflage clothing at home.

Camouflage is illegal to wear in more than a dozen countries, including many popular Caribbean cruise destinations like , Jamaica and Saint Lucia. “It's often because the government wants only members of the military to be wearing those colors,” Royal Caribbean International said on its .

Cruise lines may not prohibit camouflage on board, but it could cause trouble during stops.

If passengers manage to get off the ship at a port where it’s prohibited, they could be fined depending on the place and how strict their rules are, Joanna Kuther, a New York City-based travel agent and owner of Port Side Travel Consultants, told ˽ýӳ. However, she said it’s unlikely they’d be arrested.

These items are banned on cruises:Read this before you pack.

Travelers caught with camouflage in a number of Caribbean destinations also “will be forced to give it to the authorities,” Royal Caribbean said on its website. Cruise lines may share destination-specific requirements online, and .

Kuther noted the rules typically apply to camouflage of any color or pattern, and to both clothing and accessories. “Basically, I tell my clients, as a rule, just don't bring it, don't wear it while you're cruising,” she said.

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for ˽ýӳ based in Nashville. You can reach him at ndiller@usatoday.com.

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