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The best car insurance company of 2024 is Nationwide. ˽ýӳA and Travelers also get five stars in our analysis of the best car insurance companies. 

To determine the best car insurance company, our team of car insurance experts analyzed rates for nine driver profiles as well as other key metrics, such as an insurer’s customer complaint ratio, collision repair score and available coverage options and features. 

The best car insurance companies of 2024

  • Nationwide: Best car insurance
  • ˽ýӳA: Best car insurance for military community
  • Travelers: Great car insurance for new car owners
  • Erie: Best car insurance for claims
  • Geico: Great car insurance for bad credit
  • Progressive: Best car insurance for DUI

Why trust our insurance experts

Our team of insurance experts evaluates hundreds of insurance products and analyzes thousands of data points to help you find the best product for your situation. We use a data-driven methodology to determine each rating. Advertisers do not influence our editorial content. You can read more about our methodology below.

  • 260 companies analyzed.
  • 347 rates reviewed.
  • 5 levels of fact-checking.

Top-rated car insurance companies of 2024

What is the best car insurance company?

The best auto insurance companies are Nationwide, Travelers and ˽ýӳA, based on our analysis of auto insurance rates, coverage options and consumer complaints. In addition to earning 5 stars in this rating, each of these insurers also earns top spots in our ratings of the cheapest car insurance, best car insurance for teens and best car insurance for seniors.  

If you’re shopping for auto insurance, it’s important to note that ˽ýӳA car insurance is only available to members of the military, veterans and eligible family members. 

To find the best car insurance for you, shop around and compare car insurance quotes.

Compare the best car insurance companies of 2024

Car insurance companyAverage annual rate for good driversCustomer complaint levelOur rating
Nationwide$1,436Low5.0 stars
Travelers$1,521Low5.0 stars
˽ýӳA$1,364Low5.0 stars
Erie$1,642Low4.5 stars
Geico$1,597Low4.0 stars
Progressive$1,826Low4.0 stars
Auto-Owners$1,855Very Low3.5 stars
Westfield$1,984Very Low3.5 stars
State Farm$2,025Low3.0 stars
Allstate$2,896Low2.0 stars
Farmers$3,093Low2.0 stars


Our insurance experts evaluated top car insurance companies in the nation to determine which offer the best-rated auto insurance based on average rates, coverage features, collision claims process and consumer complaints.

Each car insurance company was eligible for up to 100 points, based on its performance in the following key categories:

Cost: 50 points. We analyzed rates from based on seven driver profiles for a policy with 100/300/100 in liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and comprehensive and collision coverage.

  • We awarded up to 50 points based on insurers’ average rates for:
  • Drivers in various age groups.
  • Drivers with bad credit.
  • Good drivers.
  • Drivers with infractions, such as speeding tickets, an accident or a DUI on their record.

Up to 10 bonus points were available for insurers that had low rates for teen and senior drivers, two demographics that typically have higher car insurance rates.

Consumer complaints: 20 points. We collected complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which shows the volume of car insurance consumer complaints against each company. When a consumer lodges a complaint to their state’s department of insurance — often about an insurance company’s claims process, delays, denials or settlements — these complaints are logged and tracked.

Car insurance coverage options and features: 20 points. Car insurance policy features can help make coverage more affordable both before and after an accident or covered incident. We evaluated car insurance policies offered by each insurer and awarded points to insurers that offered these valuable options and features:

  • Accident forgiveness (5 points).
  • New car replacement (5 points).
  • Vanishing deductible (5 points).
  • Usage-based car insurance program (5 points).

Collision repairs score: 10 points. Every year the CRASH Network releases an “Insurer Report Card” survey. This annual survey asks repair professionals how well a car insurance company handles claims, specifically when it comes to payment practices, repair quality and customer service.

Each car insurance company receives a grade ranging from A+ to F, based on the survey results. Companies were awarded up to 10 points based on their CRASH Network score, with higher grades receiving the most points.

Best liability car insurance: Auto-Owners and ˽ýӳA

The best cheap liability-only car insurance is sold by Auto-Owners and ˽ýӳA.   

Auto-Owners has the cheapest liability-online coverage, with an average rate of $404 a year, though ˽ýӳA only trails slightly behind with an average rate of $466 a year. 

Best liability-only car insurance companies

Car insurance companyAverage annual car insurance costAverage monthly car insurance costLearn more
Auto-Owners$404$34Compare rates offered by participating partners
˽ýӳA$466$39Compare rates offered by participating partners
Westfield$507$42Compare rates offered by participating partners
Geico$510$43Compare rates offered by participating partners
Erie$513$43Compare rates offered by participating partners
Travelers$549$46Compare rates offered by participating partners

Best car insurance for seniors: Auto-Owners, Nationwide and Travelers

Nationwide, Travelers and ˽ýӳA are good car insurance companies for drivers aged 65 or older. Each insurer earns 5 stars in our best car insurance for seniors rating. 

Nationwide offers the cheapest rates for senior drivers, with an average rate of $1,402 per year, or about $117 per month

Car insurance companyAverage annual car insurance rateAverage monthly car insurance rate

Car insurance rates reflect the average of rates for men and women between ages 65 and 85. 

Best car insurance for teens: Nationwide and Erie

The best car insurance companies for teens are Nationwide and Erie. Each receives a 5-star score in our analysis for this age group, which takes into account rates as well as customer complaints, collision claim experience and valuable features for families with new drivers, such as accident forgiveness and a diminishing deductible. 

Parents looking for the best coverage at the lowest rate should consider Nationwide, which has an average annual rate of $2,819, or $235 a year.

Best car insurance rates for teens on a parent policy

Car insurance companyAnnual car insurance rateMonthly car insurance rate

If you’re a teen shopping for your own car insurance policy, consider Erie. It has the lowest average rate of $2,921 per year, or $243 per month.

Best car insurance rates for teens on own policy

Car insurance companyAnnual car insurance rateMonthly car insurance rate

Did you know? Teen drivers are 4 times more likely to get in an accident than older drivers

Best car insurance for drivers with a DUI: Progressive

A DUI will raise your rates, but if you’re shopping for the best cheap car insurance after a DUI, get quotes from Progressive. Progressive has the cheapest average rates after a DUI at $2,307 a year, or $192 per month.

Car insurance companyAnnual car insurance rateMonthly car insurance rate

Best for lowest car insurance rates: ˽ýӳA and Nationwide

˽ýӳA and Nationwide have the cheapest car insurance among the top insurers in our analysis. Good drivers pay an average of $1,364 per year with ˽ýӳA and $1,436 a year with Nationwide — 33% and 29% less than the national average of $2,026, respectively. 

Both insurers also have the lowest overall average annual rates, when factoring in rates for all driver profiles. 

Car insurance companyAnnual car insurance rate for good driversMonthly car insurance rate

Best home and auto insurance bundle: State Farm and Nationwide

State Farm and Nationwide are great options when it comes to bundling your auto and home insurance policies

Of the two, State Farm insurance offers the biggest discount for a home and auto bundle, with up to 23% off on your premiums. 

Car insurance companyAverage bundling discount
State Farm23%

Best car insurance companies for claims: Erie

The last thing you want to worry about after an accident is whether or not your insurer will properly handle the claim. According to the most recent CRASH Network Insurer’s Report Card, Erie has the best claims process among the insurers we evaluated. 

The CRASH Network surveys over 1,000 collision professionals to learn about how different car insurance companies handle the claims process. Insurers receive a grade of A+ to F based on their performance in key areas, such as the claims handling process, quality of repairs, payments and customer satisfaction. 

Erie got the best CRASH Network score out of our best auto insurance companies, and it’s also worth noting that Erie received the second-highest score in the most recent J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. 

Car insurance companyCRASH Network Score
State FarmC

Car insurance company rates by state

Car insurance costs vary by state and even ZIP code. Here’s the average cost of car insurance for a good driver buying full coverage car insurance in every state. 

StateAverage annual rate for full coverage
New Hampshire$1,491
New Jersey$2,061
New Mexico$2,148
New York$2,141
North Carolina$1,285
North Dakota$2,228
Rhode Island$2,038
South Carolina$2,819
South Dakota$2,147
West Virginia$1,942

Full coverage rates are based on liability coverage of 100/300/100 ($100,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $300,000 per accident and $100,000 in property damage liability), uninsured motorist coverage and collision and comprehensive insurance with a $500 deductible. Source: Quadrant Information Services.

How much does car insurance cost?

The average annual car insurance rate for good drivers is $2,026, or about $169 per month according to our analysis. 

Average annual car insurance costs based on driver profile

Driver typeNational averageCheapest car insurance
Good driver$2,026$1,364 (˽ýӳA*)
After an accident with injury$3,009$1,958 (˽ýӳA*)
After an accident with property damage$2,994$2,021 (˽ýӳA*)
After a DUI$3,363$2,307 (Progressive)
After a speeding ticket$2,533$1,661 (˽ýӳA*)
Poor credit$3,847$2,051 (Nationwide)
Parent adding a teen driver$4,362$2,819 (Nationwide)
Young driver (18 to 25)$3,704$2,368 (˽ýӳA*)
Senior driver$2,150$1,402 (Nationwide)
After a gap in coverage$2,364$1,556 (˽ýӳA*)